The EDGE Effect
As in nature, focuses on those critical areas where distinct elements meet - and the influences they have on each other (ie. where the river meets the bank, where your company meets its consumers, where your product merges with its competition). Understanding/ anticipating the changes that will occur by that "meeting", and rebalancing the elements involved, are the fundamentals of successful planning.
The Edge has Principles...  
As a group of highly motivated research consultants, we are committed to providing our clients with innovative approaches that generate exceptional insight- faster and less expensive than any of our competitors. To meet this new standard we have pioneered a technological operating system that is unrivalled anywhere in the world.
... and Principals  
Jane Jamieson- President, arrived at The Edge after a dozen years of market research management experience with major Canadian suppliers. En route (yah, she speaks French too), she earned a postgraduate degree in communications, and developed an unusual knack for creative project design and astute analysis. 

Brian Jamieson- VP, capitalizes on his career in communications (yah, he speaks a lot) and his knowledge of program delivery across the marketing mix, to ensure that study results are focused and actionable.

Our Pledge  
To consistently provide our clients with a clear course of action; to aid in the development of sound and assertive marketing strategies.