ADEDGE assesses and optimizes your advertising efforts. If your campaign is not; intrusive, memorable, well-branded, and carrying a strong selling proposition, then you're likely selling yourself (and your product) short.


An old adage says, "It pays to advertise". Now advertising pays even better with...

Important questions must be answered before committing your ad dollars:

  • Am I reaching the right audience?
    • did they buy in?
  • Do they understand what we're offering?
  • Am I just selling the category,
    or is my brand front and centre?
  • How does this concept fit with my total brand strategy?
  • How has my campaign affected;
    • brand awareness,
    • shifted purchase interest,
    • communicated key messages?
  • How do we compare to competitors ads?

Stand alone, or with other Edge services, AdEdge is designed to:

  • utilize all types of stimuli
  • evaluate creative for all media
  • provide a testing environment as
    true to life as possible
  • weight advertising impact against other elements of the total marketing mix
  • enhance placement strategies/media buying
  • incorporate point-of-sale materials
  • track media penetration