PACKEDGE is a uniquely effective research programme
that is designed to assess the entire presentation of your product/ service.

PACKEDGE at work!

PACKEDGE at work!


Because the package is the product...
You'll need all the edge we pack in

PackEdge evaluates:

  • Power of Presentation
    (Impact of product on customers)
  • Paradigm Alignment
    (How your product fits the category)
  • Package Involvement
    • Price Point
    • Flavour/ variety
    • Colour
    • Format/ size
    • Purchase motivation
    • Promotional impact
    • Special considerations

In combination with:

  • In-home trial/usage and attitude
  • Price sensitivity
  • Name generation
  • Corporate image
  • Brand extension
  • Taste Testing
  • Integrated group discussion
  • Promotional testing
  • Benefit/ attribute
  • CoverEdge